crazy parties

These tips are aimed for people wanting to throw crazy parties to get people dancing. So if you’re having a 16th, 18th or 21st….you’ll want to know these tips.

TIP 1️⃣ The bar area needs to be close to the dance floor. Not too close where the lineup for drinks gets in the way of the dancefloor, but also not too far where you have to leave the vibe to get a drink.

TIP 2️⃣ Avoid providing many chairs (if any) at your party. You want people standing at parties, otherwise your awesome party will likely become a tea party. Cocktail tables are the perfect solution to this, it will allow people to stand around and mingle. It also makes it easier for them to dance as they won’t have to get up off a comfortable chair.

TIP 3️⃣ Ensure the venue/house is not too big for the crowd. Having a big area breaks up the party and the vibe. You will notice many groups will break away from the party as they feel more comfortable within their small group of friends away from everyone else. The best way to get everyone mingling is to mush everyone together.

TIP 4️⃣ DO NOT invite your aunties/uncles or your baby cousins. As harsh as it sounds, you want the age group to be the same. Inviting your family will only make the party awkward and restricted. You can invite family if they are your bestie

TIP 5️⃣ SHOT on arrival! Yeap, show them what to expect from the get go. As they say ‘A good first impression can work wonders’. If you’re at an underage party, you can do non-alcoholic jelly shots

BONUS TIP: Hire the Pizza Boys

If we have missed out on any tips, please comment below….

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